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Where are Eunoia’s goods manufactured in?
All of Eunoia’s goods are locally manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia

Will Eunoia restock the sold out items?
Eunoia may or may not restock the sold out items. If you are interested in the item that is currently out of stock, please click “notify me when available” to get notifications if Eunoia restock the item.

Do I need to wear another piece of undergarment to prevent a see-through on Eunoia’s white clothing?
No. Eunoia understands the concern that comes with white-colored clothing, and so all of Eunoia’s clothing comes with a lining fabric to prevent see-through.

What’s the best way to wash the clothes?
All of Eunoia’s clothing comes with a care-label. We would advise to wash with cold water and to hang-dry the clothes. For more information, please refer to the care-label attached to the clothes.

I have made a payment, but I forget to confirm the payment and thus my order got cancelled. What should I do?
Please send us an email at, Subject: “Payment Confirmation Delay” as the title so we can help and address your issue directly.

Do you do international shipping?
Yes, we do international shipping, but only to several countries. Please drop us an email at, Subject: International Shipping”, to find out more about our International Shipping Policy.